The Lament of a Broken Heart

Prompt: using the phrase “Space Angel,” write a poem about starting over.

Give me space, Angel.
His words pierced the crimson tide of Dawn.

Truth ruptured into a million pieces,
Of solitude and anger.
Of self-doubt and danger.

She screamed a silent lament of
woe and sorrow.


If only (she swallowed) if only she could.

From the depths of her once proud frame, She threw her word to safety.

“Run,” she muttered, a guttural angst
Bellowing from her eyes.



It was a demand. A command.
A. Last. Attempt to save her soul
Before he clipped her wings with jagged
edges of lost hope.

This hour, (further, he floated away), would be their last.

A cacophony of voices echoed in the   space of a minute.

His will lingered on the wisp of air.

Be done with the torture of my love.
Set me free.

You do not want space.

You want what has always been yours: freedom.

Go. I shall fall back into the abyss
And be reborn.

(C) 2017 KristinaBrooke


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