15 Minute Brainstorming Exercise #1

Prompt: List 10 events a character could deal with in a story about an accident.

This was HARD and the ideas that I came up with are unimpressive and lack creativity. However, I recognize that there is a pattern of loss in, and a significant distance between, my writing and my personal story….

  1. Man takes a bus across three states to the home of organ donor from whom he received his eye.
  2. Author discovers that she no longer has the ability to read but is obsessed with writing everything.
  3. A woman awakes from a 2 year long coma as one of four personalities.
  4. Brain dead woman is fully conscious and watches as her family decides to take her off life-support.
  5. A woman attends the funeral of the person that her significant other killed during a hit and run.
  6. A man struggles to get to the bottom of a mountain after his wife attacks him and leaves him for dead.
  7. Upon uncovering that a presidential candidate’s family has been passing, a reporter blackmails the candidate who is also responsible for killing the reporter’s sister.
  8. A woman wins at the slot machine while awaiting the ambulance during a miscarriage.
  9. A man discovers his wife’s horrible secret during the reception: she was the cause of the accident that killed his first wife and his three children.
  10. A woman’s family turns her back on her when she awakes from surgery and discovers that she is now a different race.

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