Freewrite: A story of violence

Prompt: Set your timer for 15 minutes and write a story of violence. Write as much as you can for the full 15 minutes even if you have to repeat words or letters to do so.

Her face burned from the sting of his repeated punches. She knew that eventually he’d get tired and stop but for now, she focused not on when it would end but rather on the sound of each of his blows.

The first sounded like the dull crack of a bunt hit in baseball. It was forceful but her jaw seemed to absorb the full echo of it. She braced herself for the fourth and fifth blows dealt swiftly and with a blind anger. Blood flew from her mouth and the metallic saltiness was enough to keep her alert. The sixth punch sounded like the sharp cut of a whip and the thud of her head against the concrete followed.

“What will I cook for dinner tonight,” she thought aloud, her words muffled under the weight of the blood in her mouth.“What the fuck did you say, bitch” he scowled.

Silence followed as she tried to focus. The end was near. He was getting tired. He punched her again. This time, it landed on her left breast and she could barely feel it as the last eighteen months of breastfeeding had numbed her. But it did make a sound. This punch sounded like a thud. A wooden stick against a rubber tire.

She felt a cold liquid against her waist and smelled the putrid bitter stank of malt liquor, his drink of choice.

“Shit, bitch. you made me spill my beer. I should fuck you up some more. Always acting like your shit don’t stink. You stink now!”

Silence again. She…


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