The Lament of a Broken Heart

Prompt: using the phrase "Space Angel," write a poem about starting over. Give me space, Angel. His words pierced the crimson tide of Dawn. Truth ruptured into a million pieces, Of solitude and anger. Of self-doubt and danger. She screamed a silent lament of woe and sorrow. Space? If only (she swallowed) if only she... Continue Reading →


This is My Home

Note: I wrote this after hearing some asshole tell a brown-skinned person to "go back home." It got me thinking about this notion of ownership and what makes a home and an immigrant. I wrote this in response, and while I am sharing it here, I am not up for a political debate. You don't... Continue Reading →

15 Minute Brainstorming Exercise #1

Prompt: List 10 events a character could deal with in a story about an accident. This was HARD and the ideas that I came up with are unimpressive and lack creativity. However, I recognize that there is a pattern of loss in, and a significant distance between, my writing and my personal story.... Man takes... Continue Reading →

Weekly Writing Log: Free to Download

  In an effort to keep me on track with writing daily, I created this Excel Writing Log. It's free for your personal use and as long as you don't sell it to anyone or make it a part of any downloadable collection, feel free to share it.

Time Heals

Prompt The general premise of this prompt was given to me in a writers workshop. The first paragraph is supposed to come from the POV of a child- reflecting¬†innocence¬† while the second is more experience. This was a bit difficult for me because I don't ever remember being innocent... The voices of anger hover in... Continue Reading →

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