This is My Home

Note: I wrote this after hearing some asshole tell a brown-skinned person to “go back home.” It got me thinking about this notion of ownership and what makes a home and an immigrant. I wrote this in response, and while I am sharing it here, I am not up for a political debate. You don’t agree, keep it moving! Originally published on my main blog.

This is my home,

for sea to shining sea

flows with the blood

and sweat of stolen lives,

our eyes swollen with

tears and fears.

They grip me at night, urging me to

take flight,

screaming and begging

me to return

to where my soul can roam

freely, to

where my Black is

beautiful and I am valued.

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15 Minute Brainstorming Exercise #1

IMG_3444.JPGPrompt: List 10 events a character could deal with in a story about an accident.

This was HARD and the ideas that I came up with are unimpressive and lack creativity. However, I recognize that there is a pattern of loss in, and a significant distance between, my writing and my personal story….

  1. Man takes a bus across three states to the home of organ donor from whom he received his eye.
  2. Author discovers that she no longer has the ability to read but is obsessed with writing everything.
  3. A woman awakes from a 2 year long coma as one of four personalities.
  4. Brain dead woman is fully conscious and watches as her family decides to take her off life-support.
  5. A woman attends the funeral of the person that her significant other killed during a hit and run.
  6. A man struggles to get to the bottom of a mountain after his wife attacks him and leaves him for dead.
  7. Upon uncovering that a presidential candidate’s family has been passing, a reporter blackmails the candidate who is also responsible for killing the reporter’s sister.
  8. A woman wins at the slot machine while awaiting the ambulance during a miscarriage.
  9. A man discovers his wife’s horrible secret during the reception: she was the cause of the accident that killed his first wife and his three children.
  10. A woman’s family turns her back on her when she awakes from surgery and discovers that she is now a different race.

Freewrite: Basketball Stories

handwriten prompt response for Baskeball Stories (c)Kristina DanielePrompt: Set time for 30 minutes. Write a fictional narrative about basketball or something basketball related.

The ball felt foreign to her. As if it had come from another planet with it’s bumpy, scaly surface. Yet, as her hands fondled it, yearning to sense a connection, she felt a slight spark in her stomach. The round ball became an extension of her. She pushed it to the ground with a firm hand and it returned as if her palm held a secret command button. She bent her knees and drove the ball back into the ground with a little more force. It returned again. She shuffled her feet and passed the ball from her right hand to her left and back to her right. She moved with the ball, purposeful and full of drive. It wanted her at the top of the key and within the blink of an eye, she was there. Ther ball demanded that she stop.

“Set up for the shot,” it whispered. She squared her shoulders but something felt off. She dribbled, stepped back, and her foot moved to what she felt was her spot. She squared her shoulders again and she smiled. This was home. Continue reading

Freewrite: A story of violence

IMG_3435Prompt: Set your timer for 15 minutes and write a story of violence. Write as much as you can for the full 15 minutes even if you have to repeat words or letters to do so.

Her face burned from the sting of his repeated punches. She knew that eventually he’d get tired and stop but for now, she focused not on when it would end but rather on the sound of each of his blows.

The first sounded like the dull crack of a bunt hit in baseball. It was forceful but her jaw seemed to absorb the full echo of it. She braced herself for the fourth and fifth blows dealt swiftly and with a blind anger. Blood flew from her mouth and the metallic saltiness was enough to keep her alert. The sixth punch sounded like the sharp cut of a whip and the thud of her head against the concrete followed.

“What will I cook for dinner tonight,” she thought aloud, her words muffled under the weight of the blood in her mouth. Continue reading

Time Heals

Prompt The general premise of this prompt was given to me in a writers workshop. The first paragraph is supposed to come from the POV of a child- reflecting¬†innocence¬† while the second is more experience. This was a bit difficult for me because I don’t ever remember being innocent…

The voices of anger hover in the background as I find my refuge in the small walk-in closet, my favorite hiding space. My “Little Africa” keeps me invisible from the eye of scrutiny, with heavy winter coats above providing protection – camouflaging me when the Lioness comes. I have reinforced the peeling, cream-colored walls with red, black, and green etchings that tell the story of mighty battles fought against the forces of darkness. I add new entries to my cave drawings almost daily. It’s my job to tell my dad what he has missed when he comes back. Remnants of an old aqua-green carpet engulf the space, soft like the foam of the sea, smelling of moth balls and rubber. Continue reading